Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Compensation Culture Vulture

A window pane
When it connects with your brain
Is not quite the same
As gaining a stain
You could ring the council to complain 
But the paperwork might drive you insane,
So in the main
I would refrain
There's nothing to gain
But heartache and pain
It's throwing good money down the drain
It's walking, single, down a lover's lane
It's buying a horse that ends up lame
It's knowing you were rubbish and she never came
It's putting out the washing when it starts to rain
It's the FA Cup final and you've picked up a strain
Or you're late for Spain coz you missed the train
And of your life
It could be the bane.

I speak the truth
But only a grain
You can make a claim
Just sign your name

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