Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dog Poetry

You pulled me in the park with those puppy dog eyes
An incisor smile under starry skies
With the brush of your tail like a breeze in the night
And a bully-boy-bark that was worse than its bite.

We danced in the daisies, I followed your lead
A mongrel like me and a pedigree breed
Let off the leash from my Battersea jail
I said “if you want me I’ll be chasing your tail”.

Caught in your claws you dissolved all my fears
Time stood still like I’d known you for dog-years
Thanks for the walkies and the lick of your bone
But Rover, it’s over,
I’ve a fella back home.

What can I say? I’m a bitch.


  1. My favourite one so far. Excellent level of punnage :)

  2. Hehe. This was another one from uni x