Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Resting In Pieces

Lying in this hammock gives me time to think
That living with you is what drove me to drink.

The butterfly knows when he goes to his trunk
That you and your ways are what made me a drunk.

Asleep on the side, take a leaf from his book
But don’t judge the cover, my lover, my crook.

The shade in your shadow and green round the gills
With ringside seats as my body distils.

Down the ravine where our hope used to flicker
You didn’t like cars but you drove me to liquor.

The house, it stands empty. Well you got your wish
Your eating was plenty; I drank like a fish.

The cowbells that follow me down to the borders
They used to sound sweet, now they call for last orders.

In a field of sunlight between two pines
I swing here and sample South African wines.

The droppings of horses are calling my bluff
When one is too many and ten’s not enough.

They’re so last year, these blazing stones
Like our love that was golden, now I’m soaked to my bones.

Leaning back as the dark comes on
With the droop of my eyelids, soon I’ll be gone.

The evening is pleading my spirit to stay
But it’s all your fault at the end of the day.

A chicken hawk floats too close to the gun
A shot in the darkness, down in one.

A tipple, a triple, I’ll drink to his life
Now wasted, I tasted, the edge of a knife.

The pain and the sorrow, she finally ceases
I drink ‘til I’m drunk and I’m resting in pieces.


  1. Great poem, strong rhyme scheme and nice rhythm.
    There are one or two lines where the metre seems a little off though:

    In a field of sunlight between two pines


    They’re so last year, these blazing stones

    maybe think about looking into writing in iambic pentameter? It might tighten up the rhythm in these places.

  2. Now, this one definitely WAS from uni. Remember we had to do a response poem (a response to someone elses)? This was mine.

    I see what you mean with the metre in these two lines, but the way I'm reading them in my head they work. I'm putting the first emphasis on 'field' and 'so'. Probably not technically correct but hey, rules are for schools MAAAN!